And We Thought The Government Wanted Public Spaces To Be Used By The Public – Tanglin Halt Hangout Cleared


Mosquito? What mosquito…?

Just recently, the government has asked the public to give suggestions on the use of public spaces such as under flyovers, open grasslands etc.

But when an un-used plot of land near Tanglin Halt was used by residents to `chill’, the government decided to clear it out.

The plot of land, about the size of a basketball court, is near to the vacated Block 76 and a disused carpark along Commonwealth Drive.

Ten to 20 years ago, the spot – marked by a bamboo grove – became a hangout for drivers of trucks and lorries as the carpark allowed for heavy-vehicle parking.

Last month, the SLA put up a notice alerting users of the land of unlawful trespass via the placing of chairs, tables, plants and other items there, and requested the removal of items by Apr 23. Some items were then removed.

On Saturday (May 23), the remaining items in the area, as well as the crown of the bamboo grove, had been removed by the authorities.

The government’s reason? It is a potential mosquito breeding ground.

“Wah! NEA is more powerful than ISD,” said John See, 73 a retiree.

“At least the ISD cannot suka-suka demolish a hang-out but NEA can!”

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