The Noose Around Najib’s Future Tightens – An UMNO Warlord Joins In The Chorus


Time’s up….?

Former Finance Minister and an UMNO strongman, Tengku Razaleigh, popularly known as Ku Li, has joined in the chorus against PM Najib regarding the much maligned investment fund, 1MDB.

He said that if the Cabinet members were not aware of 1MDB’s issues, they should investigate it rather than point fingers at others.

“Everybody there (in the Cabinet) must be responsible collectively for the problem. You cannot say this is your problem, not my problem,” the former finance minister told reporters when met in the Parliament lobby.

This comes a day after Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has openly criticised the government’s handling of the issue, saying that even he did not know how to explain to the public the problems surrounding 1MDB, which has incurred debts of RM42 billion in just six years of operations.

Meanwhile former PM Mahathir Mohamad has continued with his attacks on PM Najib branding him a liar and should be investigated for lying to Parliament.

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