Remember Jover Chew? – He And 4 Others Arrested For Cheating


No caption needed…

Initially the Police said that they did not have the power to intervene in a private contractual case.

Then the internet went `hokkien-expletives’ which caused the Police to remember that they had the power after all.

And after a protracted investigations, finally five men aged between 31 and 38 were arrested for a series of cheating cases at Sim Lim Square.

Police said in a news release that they had received several reports against Mobile Air for dishonest sales practices last year. Customers were allegedly forced to buy handphones and in-house warranties at inflated prices, they said, and the victims ended up paying for the phones at much higher prices or had to pay fees to cancel the deal.

One of those arrested is Mobile Air’s owner, Jover Chew. He sparked outrage last year, after his shop tried to force Vietnamese tourist Pham Van Thoai to fork out an additional S$1,500 for a warranty package after he bought an iPhone 6. Mr Pham was filmed going down on his knees to tearfully beg Chew for a refund for the S$950 phone. He was said to have recovered just S$400.

When ordered by the Small Claims Tribunal to refund S$1,010 to another customer, Mobile Air also tried to give her 18kg worth of coins.


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