Serial Paedophile Is At It Again – Mohamed Shariff Samsudin


Couldn’t find his photo. If you do, please mail it to us…

Mohamed Sariff Samsudin, 31, a courier assistant was given seven years’ corrective training (CT) and ordered to receive 12 strokes of the cane for molesting a 12-year-old girl on March 6 inside the Bedok CC Handicapped toilet.

He had just been released from prison in December last year after being sentenced to two years’ jail in 2013 for committing a similar offence.

On 17 Aug 2013, he had molested a 10-yr old girl at Bukit Batok. He had forced the girl to sit on his lap at a staircase landing and caressed her chest.

But that was not all.

Back in 2005, when he was 21, he had terrorised children, the youngest being only 9-yrs old, in Chai Chee area with a series of sexual offences. He was then caught thanks to a CCTV camera placed at a void deck. He was then jailed for 7 years.

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