This is Singapore la Dei – Last Of The Little India Rioters Found Guilty


This is not bollywood la bro….

Armed with a fake master’s degree in IT, he had come to Singapore looking for a job here.

But instead of going from door-to-door in search of a job (that’s what job seekers do, right?) he decided to get involved in the Little India riots.

Arun Kaliamurthy had claimed trial to a single charge of failing to disperse from the scene despite police orders to do so. He was found guilty by District Judge Shaiffudin Saruwan.

Twenty-five Indian nationals were initially charged with rioting. Some, including Arun, had their charges amended to failure to disperse and obstruction. All the others have been convicted and sentenced to jail, some with caning.

The fracas on the night of Dec 8, 2013, had erupted after a bus accident along Race Course Road killed 33-year-old construction worker Sakthivel Kumaravelu. By the end of the night, 24 emergency vehicles had been damaged or set on fire and 43 enforcement officers injured. It was the first large-scale riot here in over four decades.

In his mitigation, Arun’s lawyer Shashi Nathan said his client was “merely an innocent bystander” in the riot. (yeah right. We believe you).

Arun will be sentenced later.

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