Heart-Wrenching – India boy, 5, beheaded in suspected child sacrifice


You are with the angels now….RIP

He was just a boy for goodness sake. But for a mad sorcerer, he was just someone to be sacrificed at the Altar of Kali, the Goddess of power.

Nanu Mirdha beheaded a five-year-old boy Sanatan Bag  in a ritual sacrifice in north-eastern India before being lynched by angry villagers.

The father of the decapitated youngster said his son, Sanatan Bag, had been enticed into the home of Nanu Mirdha who then butchered him as an offering to the Hindu goddess of power, Kali, in front of a makeshift temple.

“Sanatan was lured with chocolates by the sorcerer Nanu Mirdha to a temple where he sacrificed him by beheading him in front of the altar,” Sajan Bag told local television channels in the state of Assam.

After Sanatan’s body was found in a pool of blood on Thursday night, villagers then turned on and killed Mirdha, according to the police chief for Assam’s Sonitpur district.

While the overwhelming majority of Indians practice mainstream religions, there are occasional reports of human sacrifices in rural areas such as the remote and impoverished northeast of the country.

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