Jover Chew Faces 26 Charges And Bailed By Mommy (LOL!)


Mommy’s boy…

Jover Chew, the Sim Lim cheat who terrorised customers, faces 26 charges for basically being an Ah Beng. (No offence to all the Ah bengs. We have friends who are Ah bengs too.)

Chew, 33, faces 26 charges in total – 24 for abetment by conspiracy to commit cheating, and one each for cheating and criminal intimidation. There were 25 victims involved, and the total amount cheated came up to S$14,449, according to the charge sheet.

He has yet to plead, while the defence has asked for time to take instructions from his client. A pre-trial conference was set for Jun 25. He was out on S$40,000 bail, posted by his mother.

Also charged were his accomplices, Koh Guan Seng, who faces 15 charges of cheating, Kam Kok Keong, who faces 8 charges of cheating, and Lim Zhi Wei Kelvin, who faces one charge of cheating.

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