Drug Peddler Shot Dead After Ramming Vehicle At Police Roadblock


You ram, we shoot…

The area around Shangri-la Hotel was under heavy security due to the International security seminar being held there. Singapore had just arrested two ISIS sympathizers and the seminar, attended by defence Ministers and officials from around the world would be a prime target for a terrorist attack.

In short, the police was on heightened alert.

Along came three drug peddlers in a car that was stopped at one of the Police roadblocks. When asked to open the boot of the vehicle, the driver decided to speed away thus endangering the lives of the Policemen.

And the Police fired a shot at the vehicle killing one of them. The other two were arrested.

In a statement, the Singapore Police Force said that a “trio was earlier stopped at a Police vehicular checkpoint set up along Ardmore Park. When asked to open the car boot for checks, the driver suddenly accelerated the vehicle towards Anderson Road.

“Despite Police warnings to stop, the driver continued to crash through Police barricades, endangering the lives of the officers. Police opened fire at the vehicle to stop further danger. The vehicle subsequently stopped at the junction of Orange Grove Road and Anderson Road.”

Substances believed to be drugs were found on one of the persons arrested, the statement added. Orange Grove Road, Anderson Road and Ardmore Park are temporarily closed to facilitate police operations.

Moral of the story is: When you are asked to stop by the Police, DO IT!

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