WTF Of The Day! – The Keyboard Warriors Who Commented On The Shangri-La Shooting

keyboard warrior mess1 mess2 mess3 mess5

By: Arthur Ah Ter Kia

First of all, good job to the Police. You did what you have to do. This coming from me who has been in Boy’s Town and the RTC because you never give me chance.

But reading through the comments on Strait’s Times facebook page, I got headache. Some of the comments were so stupid that the mods actually deleted them before I could do a screen capture.

Look people. How dafug would the Police had known that the vehicle was not carrying anything more dangerous than a packet of drugs? Or how dafug would they know that they were unarmed? And a moving vehicle could be used as a weapon you know? If not how the dafug thousands of people around the world could die from traffic accidents?

That area was cordoned off because Shangri-la hotel was hosting an international seminar attended by defence Ministers and chiefs from around the world.  And two days ago, two ISIS sympathizers were arrested. So what you expect the Police to do? Wave the vehicle good-bye when it beat the roadblock?

And those linking this incident to the Little India riot. Urgh sorry. The headache!

I need to take some Panadol now.

And I think I might just switch off my internet if the victim happened to be a Malay. The conspiracy theories will flood the internet and will most probably cause me to have brain cancer.

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