Heartless! – Mother Of Two Jailed For Trying To Make Ends Meet By Making Curry Puffs


Be strong….

She broke the law by turning her kitchen into a small bakery making curry puffs to sell.

But the NEA should have some compassion in just issuing her with a warning rather than taking her to court. As a result she was fined $3,000. Unable to pay the fine, she was jailed for 5 days leaving her two young children to be taken off by her relatives.

It was not like she tried to sell off her children in order to make ends meet.

When her husband was jailed for drug offences in March 2012, Robiah Lia Caniago found herself having to find a way to feed herself and her two young children.

The 40-year-old, who has a son, nine, and a daughter, seven, started making curry puffs to sell from her two-room rental flat at Lengkok Bahru.

But the law soon caught up with her when the Housing Development Board (HDB) called her on May 2 last year to ask her about her illegal business.

In the midst of these, where are the compassion and humanity? If a boy could be given a 10-day probation for beating up foreign workers, why couldn’t the same compassion be shown to a poor mother of two who just wanted to make ends meet?

Where were the MPs and Ministers? Where was the safety net?

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