Wife Of Slained Druggie Goes Through Stage One Of Grief; Denial



The wife of the man shot dead for attempting to ram a Police roadblock near Shangri-La Hotel, has taken to facebook to defend her dead husband, Mohamed Taufik Zahar.

Using the moniker, Fifi Divinez (not to be confused with Fifi Divine, the porn star), she said she is 2-months pregnant, possibly carrying her husband’s child.

She claimed that her husband fled from the Police not because he was a wanted man, or that he was carrying drugs, but because he was driving without a license. Yeah right.

“Good Job To SPF yes ..and now tell me i am his Wife.My Name is Nassida Nasir .So tell me is it justify of the law to shot dead right on my husband head just because he tried to run away? Well people the real reason is bcoz he drove away and hit the barricades due to he did not have a driving license ! So is this how he will be punished ? And if it is a high security and professionals ones , they should know whether they hit a real terrorist. And here i am , with my 2months new born baby living without a father ! Who was scared and running away without a driving license and punished in terrible way ! So tell me if it was your husband can u live everyday without thinking of the incident!”

Dr Johnny Quek, a psychologist in private practice whom we spoke to said that the woman’s reaction was a classic case of someone going through the five stages of grief, starting from denial and ending with acceptance.

“She should be given some space to so that she could quickly reach the stage of acceptance,” Dr Quek said.

“Next, we could expect `anger’ where she might start to blame the PAP government. In fact, it has already started as she is already blaming the Police.

“Finally, she will undergo the stage of `acceptance’ when she might accept that perhaps she married the wrong man.”

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