Bugis 0 : 1 Malayalam – Najib Hides From Dr M In `Nothing2Hide’ Forum


But the bugis quit….

PM Najib has cancelled his much anticipated `Nothing2Hide’ forum where he was expected to answer all questions regarding the whereabout of RM42 Billion that was said to have been misappropriated from the national Investment Arm, 1MDB.

Although the official reason given was that he was acting on the advice of the Police, the real reason was perhaps because former PM Dr Mahathir was in attendance.

The forum was being held in an auditorium and attended by well-respected politicians and businessmen, not gangsters or trouble-makers. After waiting for about 45 minutes, the organisers announced that the event was cancelled due to security reasons (LOL).

Dr Mahathir, in his own affable style, then took the stage and asked Najib, `”Why are you afraid of me? I am unarmed!”, before he was asked to leave the stage by a high ranking Police officer.

Najib had been under fire amid accusations that he had mismanaged billions of Ringgits (even if converted to Sing Dollars that will be about errr…$20 dollars, but that’s still a lot of money). In his fight-back, Najib had often referred to his Bugis heritage to state that he was not afraid and would stand firm. And to prove his manhood, he organised the `Nothing2Hide’ forum.

The Bugis are seafearers/warriors from one of the Indonesian islands known for their fearlessness.

But apparently, for this incident at least, the Bugis lost out to the Malayalam. Dr M forefathers came from Kerala India.

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