Another Reason For Alfian Sa’at To Hate Singapore


Awww ain’t they cute…..

For gays like Alfian Sa’at and Roy Ngerng, there is one more reason to hate Singapore. You can’t get married here.

But you can still do whatever stuff gay couples or groups do except of course sodomising each other. But hey! If you didn’t tell (please, please for the love of everything nice, DON”T TELL!), we won’t ask, even if we saw you walking with an uncomfortable gait whilst going to an arty-farty performance about the vagina. We won’t judge.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong does not think Singapore is ready for same-sex marriage because the society is still conservative.

Like this:

s1 s2

But he explains that the gay community have the space to live their lives in Singapore. “We do not harass them or discriminate against them.”

“There is space for the gay community,” Mr Lee said.

So there you have it gurls! Bring on your pink polka-dot tranny outfits, stick on your fake eyelashes and let’s party at Hong Lim Park at this year’s PinkDot event!

Like this:


and this:


and DEFINITELY this:


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