Malaysia Tak Boleh! – So Send The SCDF To Bring Our Children Home Please!


The SCDF can…..

When the earthquake in Sabah hit, the Malaysian Police said that they were on stand-by. No action yet. The PM was still sleeping ( it was at 7 in the morning and only realised what had happened about 5 hours later) and apparently no search and rescue efforts were organised. It was left to the guides and rangers to assist those trapped and affected by the earthquake.

Welcome to Malaysia where an airplane could go missing and submarines could not submerge. The people are friendly but the authorities are something else.

And now they were saying that they could see bodies under the rubble and boulders but it would be almost impossible to retrieve them.

We understand that it is a difficult task with the mountainous terrain, but please try for goodness sake! It has only been two days and you are saying that you have given up already?

Some Singapore school children and their teachers are now missing. Although we hope for the best, we have to prepare for the worst that those bodies might be that of the missing children.

If you can’t do it and do not have the capability to do it or are not prepared because you never expect an earthquake to happen in a god-fearing country like yours, please ask for help. And we are not suggesting someone with two coconuts and a pair of bamboo binoculars.


The Singapore Civil Defence Force is more than willing to provide whatever assistance as they do have the experience and most importantly the determination and professionalism.

Meanwhile, the PM is now in Saudi Arabia to test his new private jet.

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