This Time The Nanny State Is Spot On! – MOE Cancels All Pretentious School Trips To South Korea


Don’t bring the virus home….

First off; Wah! Didn’t know schools are so damn rich now. Going to South Korea for trips?

We remember when we were in school (well Meena Current does. The rest of us are still young), we would be lucky if we could be selected for a 3-day camp in the school yard, sitting around a make-believe campfire singing Kumbaya, and sleeping in the classroom pretending that we were in the jungle surrounded by Pontianaks when all we wanted were to go home and catch spiders.

What could the children learn in South Korea that they couldn’t in Singapore? We do have plastic surgery too. Unless it is about being pretentious and wanting to see their K-Pop idols up close.

They would learn more life lessons in India than they could ever in Singapore. Lessons about thriftiness, moderation, acceptance, contentment, patience, perseverance and that they will have nothing to complain when they see children their age toiling under the hot sun.

Anyway back to the news.

Due to increasing number of MERS infections in South Korea, the Ministry Of Education (MOE) has cancelled all school trips to that country.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) has also issued an advisory on what you should do should you be stubborn enough to go to that country; the usual stuff that you should be doing even without the threat of MERS, like taking regular showers.

Disappointingly, the government has stopped short of banning travels altogether and will not impose mandatory screening at the airport until apparently, someone dies here in Singapore.

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