We Mourn Those Who Lost Their Lives On Mount Kinabalu


Eight Singaporeans lost their lives on Mount Kinabalu as a result of the Sabah earthquake. 7 children and one adult. Two more are still missing.

Put aside your tinfoil hats. This is not the time to assign blame.

This is the time to mourn and remember the deceased.

We at The Singapore Beacon, would like to express our condolence to the bereaved.

Here are the names of those who have passed-away:

  1. Ameer Ryyan bin Mohd Adeed Sanjay
  2. Emilie Giovanna Ramu
  3. Loo Jian Liang Terrence Sebastian (Teacher)
  4. Matahom Karyl Mitzi Higuit
  5. Rachel Ho Yann Shiuan
  6. Sonia Jhala
  7. Peony Wee
  8. Muhammad Daanish bin Amran

And the two who are still missing:

  1. Navdeep Singh Jaryal S/O Raj Kumar
  2. Mohammad Ghazi Bin Mohamed

Remember them in your prayers.

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