Nipplegirl And Buttman Arrested For Causing Sabah Quake

butt nipplegirl


They are more powerful than the X-men. They are Nipplegirl and Buttman.

On a secret mission to conquer the world, they went up to Mount Kinabalu, stripped naked, rubbed her nipples and clenched his buttcheeks, causing an Earthquake.

But they didn’t go far. Malaysian anti-superbaddies squad, The RM50, were quick on their tails and had them arrested. They are now being detained in a Boeing jet in a super secret location. So secret that no one actually knows where it is. Some say it is under the Indian Ocean. But who knows?

Two Canadians were barred from leaving Malaysia, amid reports they could be charged after allegedly causing the earthquake by posing naked atop Mount Kinabalu.

Siblings Lindsey Petersen and Danielle Petersen were arrested after they pictured themselves stripping naked and posing in front of the mountain much to the chagrin of the locals. The locals which included the Deputy Chief Minister accused them of causing the earthquake.

Reports suggest that they may be fined a few buffaloes. (Poor buffaloes).

Meanwhile, a cleansing ritual hopefully involving virgins will be held to prevent future earthquakes.

May we suggest that they take the virgins from Japan.

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