So We Went To Lisa’s House, The 4-Yr Old Girl Who Was Found Begging For Food


By: The Editors

If you don’t know about Lisa, or have forgotten about her since Singaporeans’ attention span is only about the length of an episode of Korean drama, or until the next big issue comes along like the Mount Kinabalu tragedy, she is a 4-year old girl who was found begging for food. She lives with her mother who is a schizo, and her auntie who is also a schizo. Her father is in jail. One day she was found begging for food and the news spread like wildfire of a poor child being abandoned by the government.

So we have to get to the bottom of this simply because bashing the government is oh so fun!

We got her address from one of our friends. We do have friends in high places you know! His name is Alan and he lives on the highest floor of pinnacle@duxton.

Unfortunately during our visit, she was in school. Only her mother was around. To make our story short, we gave some food stuff and had a quick look-around. It was a newly completed HDB studio apartment. The HDB was kind enough to install two ceiling fans and a water heater.

So where did the All Singapore Stuff website got the news of an old and broken water heater, we don’t know. Oh wait. Obviously from their arse!

Our only complaint is that the units don’t come with window grilles. Come on HDB! You can do better than that!

If you want the address, you can email us at

But we will not give out the address freely. First and foremost, they are a family unit and they deserve privacy like everybody else. The last thing we want is you making them as the new attraction for your family outing, or the target for you to wash away your past sins by making a little contribution to the needy.

If you are from a political party, you don’t need the address from us. We are sure your grassroots contacts would be able to provide you with it.

If you are an anti-establishment, go away. We do not want you to visit with a comb of bananas and then scream:`Hey look! We took care of someone whom the government has left behind. Where is the PAP?!”

Nah. Do it at Hong Lim Park.

Speaking of which, if you are in the group who love to munch on bananas at Hong Lim Park, forget it. Too much bananas is not good for young people. Look at what has become of Amos Yee.

If you are visiting, here are a few things to note:

  1. Do not give her toys or clothes. She has a lot and since it is a very very small flat, they don’t have enough space to store them. The mother will politely reject your donation and will ask you to donate to other children.
  2. Give them food that children love such as chocolates and biscuits, and packet drinks like milk. Not to be mean, but most probably the foodstuff will be eaten by the mother and the auntie. But if they have enough food, there will be extras for Lisa.
  3. Don’t give cash or you might just contribute to the auntie’s smoking habit. (She smokes 3 packets a day!)
  4. Don’t make long conversation. Just the usual salutations will do. Don’t ask them questions. Imagine you having to repeat the same thing over and over and over again to different visitors each day. And imagine too that you are also having mental issues.
  5. Don’t take selfies or pictures of the family and the house. Just don’t!
  6. Finally remember this; both the mother and the auntie are schizo. If you have never dealt with a schizo before, perhaps it would be a good idea to just pass your donation to the RC.

Oh by the way. They are now quite well taken care of. By the charity organisations. And by the government in their own….urgh what’s the word…it’s at the tip of the tongue….oh yes….calibrated ways.

As far as the basics are concerned, they are well covered.

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