But She Does Look Like A Man – Philippines Wants Indonesian Volleyball Girl Tested For Manhood


Can you spot the real man….?

In the past, a cursory check on the genitals would suffice to determine if one is a boy or a girl. Not anymore it seems.

The Philippines demanded SEA Games organisers carry out a gender test on a moustachioed Indonesian women’s volleyball, risking a storm of controversy.

Philippines coach Roger Gorayeb singled out Indonesia’s Aprilia Santini Manganang because of her appearance and powerful physique.

The Philippines’ delegation spokeswoman confirmed the request, but said she didn’t expect any test to be carried out before the game in Singapore on Wednesday.

“After we filed it’s going to be the competition manager who will reply directly to the volleyball federation or to volleyball officials here,” she told AFP.

Gender testing is highly controversial, both because of the psychological effects on the athlete and because the science of the process is murky and complex.

“She’s very powerful, it’s like putting a male in the female division,” Gorayeb said.

“Whether she plays or not, it doesn’t matter because we will be playing our best here,” he added.

But what if he/she grabs your players’ butts?

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