Easy Way To Make Money – Indian City Will Pay You To Pee In Public Toilets

NEW DELHI, INDIA - SEPTEMBER 29: Delhites urinate in public right next to a sign board warning violators of a penalty in New Delhi on Tuesday, September 29, 2009. (Photo by Jyoti Kapoor/India Today Group/Getty Images)

A sight all too common, sadly…

Sometimes, there will be news coming out from our newsfeed that make us scratch our heads and ask : `Oh Really?’

If the toilets are clean and free, why would anyone want to dangle their weewee for everyone to see in order to pee? (Oh wow! It rhymes!)

And now anyone who is in need of small change, can just go into a public toilet even without doing any business and get 1 rupee, unless they are going to somehow ensure that you are actually do your business. Ewww..

Someone somewhere in Ahmedabad is now thinking of forming a toilet-for-rupee syndicate.

The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has decided to give residents 1 rupee (2 Singapore cents) a visit, in a bid to draw them into its 300 public toilets and away from open areas and public walls, which often reek of urine.

AMC health officer Bhavikk Joshi said the offer would be trialed at 67 public facilities across Ahmedabad, the main city in western Gujarat state, where officers will give a coin to each user. “Once successful, the project will be implemented in all the 300 public toilets in Ahmedabad,” Mr Joshi said.

We see it as pouring money down the drain.

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