Good Job! – Welder From Bangladesh Helps To Nab Molester


ei bhôdromohila shôbkichhur jonno ṭaka deben (we think it means Good Job!)

They not only help to build our country, sometimes they also help to keep us safe.

Say thank you to the foreign workers.

Amirul Islam, 26, a Bangladeshi who works as a welder here, has just finished shopping when he saw a man fleeing from a woman who was shouting for help at Jurong West Street 93.

Fearing that the woman might have been robbed, Mr Amirul went up to her to find out what had happened.

The 42-year-old woman said she had been molested and asked if he could help catch the man.

He and off-duty police officer Soh Beng Kuan chased the man for a short distance before nabbing him near a playground.

After he was caught, the suspect pleaded with Mr Amirul​​ and the woman for forgiveness.

Mr Amirul​​ recalled: “He said, ‘Sorry, sorry. My fault… Forgive me, I go home.'”

The Police arrived soon after and arrested the man.

Thank you Amirul! You can expect a reward from the Police soon.

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