Will Singapore Follow Suit? – Hong Kong Issued Travel Advisory To South Korea


Sensible move…

As MERS (if you don’t know what MERS is, just think of camels) continue to spread across South Korea, Hong Kong our supposedly less panicky cousin has issued a “red alert” advisory on Tuesday (Jun 9) against non-essential travel to South Korea.

A red alert, the second-highest outbound travel advisory on a three-point scale, is defined as a “significant threat” according to the Hong Kong government, and means people should “adjust travel plans” and “avoid non-essential travel”.

Meanwhile, Singapore, known for our kiasi (scared die) attitude, continues to be sort of nonchalant about the disease. So far, it has not issued any travel warning. However it will start to screen the body temperatures of passengers coming in from South Korea.

Some people whom we spoke to whilst enjoying a glass of beer outside our office (before 10.30pm) said that they still shudder in fear thinking of the SARS epidemic which started when the Singapore government was too late in putting in place measures to prevent the disease from coming into the country.

Some things are never learnt.

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