Queer’s Quest For Queen’s Counsel sQuashed


Time to go cruising for money…..

But first, a quote of the day:

`novelty is not to be confused with complexity’

  • Justice Chong

Confessed liar, shameless beggar, MS Powerpoint expert and Singapore’s former anti-establishment poster nerd whose reign as Singapore’s foremost drama queen has been usurped by 17-yr old Amos Yee, has his request for a Queen’s Counsel to represent him in his litigation case denied by the High Court.

Shirt-lifting blogger, Roy Ngerng has his case dismissed and High Court judge Steven Chong also ordered Ngerng to pay S$6,000 in costs, inclusive of disbursements.

In dismissing the case, Justice Chong said that the case is a simple one and does not warrant the attendance of a Queen’s Counsel who we suspect would be too busy to counsel the real Queen, QEII.

Justice Chong also said that if an insane (our word) lawyer, M Ravi “was suitable (to argue) at the more complex stage, I fail to see why local non-senior counsels would not be suitable at this less complex stage.”

Perhaps Roy Ngerng confused a Queen’s Counsel with this:


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