In Our Almost Daily Paedo News – Paedo Gynaecologist Banned From Practising Medicine



The last person you’d expect to be turned on by a vagina is a gynaecologist. It is like working as a chocolate taster in Cadbury. You’d never want to see another chocolate again.

But for one gynae at least, he’d never get sick of it especially if it belonged to a minor.

Obstetrician and gynaecologist Ong Theng Kiat, 64, was jailed for 10 months in 2014 for two counts of sex with a minor.

He had sex with a minor at their first meeting despite knowing that she was 14, and not 18 as she claimed on a dating website.

Ong Theng Kiat, 63, who has more than 30 years’ experience pleaded guilty to two charges of having sex with the girl. Eleven other charges will be taken into consideration when he is sentenced.

A district court heard that Ong sent the minor a long text message after seeing her details on dating website C-Date in 2011. Subsequently, the pair communicated with each other via text messages. She told him in a text message on Sept 2 that year that she was 14 years old.

On Sept 6, he drove her from her home to Bukit Brown Cemetery at Lorong Halwa where she changed out of her school uniform. In the car, Ong told her he was 40 and that his work was related to stocks. They proceeded to Balestier Hotel where they had sex.

But the following year, when filling up a form to renew his practising certificate, he answered “No” to the question of whether he was the subject of any police investigation which might form the basis of professional misconduct. The Singapore Medical Council (SMC) fined him $4,000 for the false declaration.

And he was also struck off the medical registry and was therefore banned from practising medicine ever again.

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