Updates On Malaysian Whacky Politics – Tourism Minister Acting Like Gangster


It’s like watching a bollywood film….

In response to Malaysian Minister Nazri’s threat to whack the Crown Prince of Johore for meddling in politics, the next in line to the Johor throne posted a short video seemingly beckoning the Minister to come and get him.

That video has been viewed by thousands and received messages of support mostly from Johoreans who dared Nazri to step foot in Johore.

In response to that response (yes, this is Malaysia), Nazri challenged anyone to come and whack him. Why do we feel like we are watching a Bollywood film?

And in response to that response from a response (yes, this is Malaysia), messages of support for the Johor prince from political parties were posted on Johore’s facebook page.

There is yet to be a response to that response from…oh fuck it! Just whack already!

Nazri is the Minister for tourism. Malaysia tourism tagline is Malaysia truly Asia.

No no no. We Asians don’t behave that way.

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