Smokeless Cigarettes Will Be Banned But Real Cigarettes Are Okay Because, $$$



What is more dangerous than cancer? Greed, and the hypocrisy of allowing your people to die because to ban a poisonous substance would mean the loss of billions of dollars of tax dollars.

Take this statement issued by the Ministry Of Health (MOH) when they decided to ban smokeless tobacco from Dec 15 this year:

The ban is a “pre-emptive measure to protect public health against the known and potential harms of such products,” the ministry said in a news release.

So why allow the sale of cigarettes than?

That statement is so full of crap that no amount of cigarette smoke can mask the smell.

And the worst thing is, it is from the Ministry Of Health.

We reckon that they must have confused the word Hippocratic with Hypocrisy.

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