Ugly Ang Moh Fined For Road Rage


Maybe because your shorts were too tight, bro…

What is wrong with all these crazy ang moh’s lately?

Canadian Jason Blair, 40, an academic consultant (my foot!) was fined S$2,500 for throwing his bicycle on the bonnet of a car.

The court heard that Jason was involved in a traffic altercation (the details would bore you) with a driver of a car, Woo Wing Onn on Oct 17, 2014.

As a result of that, Jason threw the bicycle he was riding onto the bonnet of Woo’s car causing some damage.

In mitigation, defence led by litigator Andy Chiok said that Unger had made full restitution for the damage, paying about $2,219 for the replacement of the bonnet. He also said Unger was a first-time offender and had lived in Singapore since August 2010.

He is married to a Singaporean and has a 18-month-old child.

This is our advice to cyclists on how to prevent your temper from flaring:

Do not wear cycling shorts that are 2 sizes too small.

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