All The News From Alfian Sa’at’s Favourite Country – Including; A Missing Ship, A Secession Threat, A Headless Political Party, A Broken Promise, A Sinful Medal Winner And Much Much More!


Tapi Malaysia boleh mah….

First off; in the just completed SEA games, Singapore, a small country with only 5 million people, managed to beat Malaysia, a country with 28 million by about 20 gold medals! Ne ne ne poo poo!

Now back to the news:

Malaysian PM Najib has promised that he will do whatever he can to locate a missing oil tanker. He has said the same thing when MH370 went missing.

Meanwhile, he has kept quiet about the missing RM42billion (S$20.50cts only!) from his pet project, 1MDB.

Meanwhile in the case involving the Johor Sultanate and the whacky Tourism minister, a Johor prince has uploaded an image of a document purportedly detailing the agreement which led to the state becoming a part of Tanah Melayu.


The post states:

“At the time Johor was known as the independent and sovereign state of Johor.

“In 1946, the Johor government agreed to sign the Perjanjian Persekutuan with the Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, by imposing several conditions, including Islam as the official religion of the state, the land in Johor being the absolute right of the Johor government and cannot be disturbed without the agreement of the Johor government, the Askar Timbalan Setia Negeri cannot be disbanded, as well as the power of the Johor government being in the hands of the sultan.

“If any of the conditions are violated, Johor will be out of Malaysia [sic].”

Meanwhile (yes a lot of meanwhiles because this is Malaysia we are talking about), the Indian-based political party which forms part of the ruling Barisan National coalition, is embroiled in its own Bollywood drama. Its president has sacked his deputy only for the deputy to say that he has sacked the president. Cue: Music and a choreographed dance around a coconut tree.

Meanwhile (yes yes we know), the opposition alliance, the Pakatan Rakyat has ceased to exists because the muslim-based component the PAS, has decided to divorce from it’s Chinese-based component because the latter refused to accept the Muslim law where you will get your hand chopped off for theft. Apparently there are a lot of thieves in that country.

Meanwhile, (ok ok this will be last), a gymnast gold medallist who is a Muslim got into trouble with the muslim extremists for wearing a gymnastic suit whilst doing…..gymnastics.

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