There is A Reason Why Humans Have Only Two Teats – We Are Not Cows!


Three more and she’d be a cow…

Scientists and Doctors have warned that the online craze among some fitness communities, fetishists and chronic disease sufferers for buying and drinking human breast milk poses serious health risks.

You can get HIV or Syphilis!

Although the scientists and doctors are too coy (they always pretended to be) to say it, we are going to say it on their behalf.

If human adults are meant to drink human milk, we would all be blessed (depending on your point of view and whether you are sick or not) with six boobs!

And they will not be any human milk supply because nursing mothers and perhaps their husbands (ewww) will be drinking the milk for themselves.

Writing in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, specialists said there was little evidence to support claims that the milk – traded via websites in a lucrative market for adult buyers – is some kind of super food that can boost health and fitness and ward off disease.

Claims that it even helps with erectile dysfunction and cancer have no clinical basis, they said. On the contrary, the experts warned, raw and unpasteurised human breast milk bought online can expose consumers to many serious infectious diseases, including hepatitis, HIV and syphilis.

It is also potentially very hazardous if used to replace a healthy balanced diet, Sarah Steele, a specialist at the global health and policy unit at Queen Mary University of London, wrote in the journal.

Nutritionally, she said, there is less protein in human breast milk than other milk like cow’s milk.

She added that failure of women to sanitise properly when producing milk, failure to sterilise equipment properly, and improper or prolonged storage and transportation of milk can also expose consumers to bacterial food-borne illnesses.

“While many online mums claim they have been tested for viruses during pregnancy, many do not realise that (such) screening needs to be undertaken regularly,” Steele said.

“Sexual and other activities … may expose the women to viruses that they may unwittingly pass on to consumers.”

So please people. Think of the babies!

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