WTF Of The Day! – The Gentlemen’s Pride


By: Arthur Ah Ter Kia

Dudes. Stay away from watching old black and white movies.

And if you continued wearing THAT, I’d suggest staying away from the sun too.

And what’s the point of being a gentleman if you can’t get laid? Seriously. Try wearing THAT whilst hitting on a Minah, or an Ah Lian or a Joythi or any girls for that matter. They’d mistaken you for a porter in a posh Hotel.

And if you were successful, try removing all THAT clothes whilst your drunk (must definitely be drunk) conquest whose only reason to be with you was because she thought you had the cash to go with the flash, waiting for you fumbling to undress.

Chances were, she’d say: `Oh I gotta go. I am done. I’ve laughed enough that it already hurts.’

You might be more successful in a gay club. They’ll try anything.

A group of attention-seekers and angmophilles decided to form a Gentlemen Club to educate us unwashed masses on how to be gentlemen by dressing like the actors in Casablanca.

Strategic planning director Nicholas Cho, 36; fashion merchandiser Nick Chong, 30; singer-actor Benjamin Kheng, 24; marketing and public relations head Eugene Lim, 34; entrepreneur Kevin Ou, 36; and actor Daren Tan, 32 thought that it would be time for Singaporean men to dress like them.

Nope. No can do.

These gentlemen did it better. Sorry.


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