Yay! Our Very Best Friends In The Civil Service To Get $500 Bonus! – Lim Kopi Liao!


This will never happen in Singapore……!!

We are not jealous. It is only $500. All the abuse that they get for just $500? We could get more than that in 2 hours if we were pretty young things working at Geylang.

Seriously, we are not jealous at all.

About 82,000 civil servants are set to receive a one-off bonus of S$500, as Singapore marks its Jubilee year, “in recognition of their contribution towards nation building,” PSD stated in a news release.

The S$500 bonus comes at the recommendation of the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) that had encouraged employers to give special bonus to their employees in view of the SG50 celebration.

The government I the biggest employer in Singapore and the NTUC said that it is “heartened” that its call for a special SG50 bonus was accepted.

For those of you who are not civil servants and would like to have a special bonus too, it is time to picket outside your boss’ office or apply for a government job at:


Good Luck!

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