Sad Sicko Jailed 36 Weeks For Taking Upskirts Photos


He does it better…

What would you do if you had a buttface that made even your mother to wonder what sin she had committed to be cursed with such an ugly child?

Well, do what this buttface did.


Take photos of women’s butts and pretend that they are your friends and wank whilst listening to the song `I Love Big Butts’.

Sng Qi Zhi , 26, had been filming upskirt videos since 2007, targeting females who wore short skirts by placing his mobile phone underneath their skirts as he walked past or stood behind them.

For that, the 26-year-old was sentenced to 36 weeks’ jail. He was charged with 247 such counts, of which he pleaded guilty to 10 charges proceeded by the prosecution.

Sng was arrested on Dec 18, 2012, at the Bugis+ mall along Victoria Street. Police received a call from a building management employee alerting them to Sng’s crime. He was found to have filmed upskirt videos at the nearby Bugis Junction earlier.

Police seized Sng’s handphone and laptop from his home, where a total of 1,935 upskirt and showering videos were found on both devices.

Now that he is imprisoned, the Changi brothers would definitely love to have errrr a look at that butt of his.


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