American LGBTBBQSAUCE Rejoice As Supreme Court Recognise Their Right To Divorce


Dafug just happened….?

Disclaimer: We have nothing against gays and lesbians. In fact we have a bunch of gay friends who are close to us but not in a gay way of course.

The US Supreme Court in a landmark decision, has ruled that the constitution guarantees a right to same-sex marriage. Which means that they have the rights to all the benefits given to the sexually productive straight section of the society.

In straightman term, the LGBTQ community can now be legally recognised for sword-fighting…


…..and scissoring.


Which also means that they will suffer the perils and financial doom when they divorced.

The good news is that for the American public at least, they will be spared the constant whining and whingeing about how the LGBTQ community is being marginalised.

Aaah peace and quiet at last. At least after the screams and screeches have subsided, which knowing them, will never happen.

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