Brass Ceiling Barely Scratched As First Woman Promoted To General To Lead Non-Combat Unit



After fifty years of waiting, Singapore has its first woman army general.

Colonel Gan Siow Huang, a mother of three girls (phew! She is not a lesbian) became the only rose amongst the thousands (seems like it) male generals in the armed forces when she was promoted to the rank of Brigadier-General.

Although it was a historical occasion, it was not as earth-shattering as the easily-excitable analysts and observers thought who were quick to liken her promotion to the smashing of the brass ceiling.

Yeah right!

BG Gan, is presently the head of the SAF’s joint manpower department which is akin to the HR department of any company; a department that is headed by 99.995% women.

Next month she will be posted as the chief spy for the Airforce (that’s what RSAF’s head of air intelligence and director (Special Projects) is, right?)

Nonetheless, congratulations to BG Gan. May you open the door for more women to be Generals and hopefully one will truly smash the brass ceiling like this gal:


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