Not Bad For `Second-Class’ Citizens Eh?


They have come a long way…..

By: B Goode

The glowing report card on the progress of the Singapore Malays given out by Minister Ya’acob Ibrahim is something to be proud off.

For people who are confused, such as Alfian Sa’at who is also sexually confused, and pseudo-Malays such as Mahathir Mohamad whose father was from Kerala India, Singapore Malays are a puzzling lot.

Being a minority, they are expected to fail. Therefore they are expected to be given hand-outs and assistance to compete with the majority. It is called affirmative action.

In Malaysia, it is called the Bumiputera (sons of the land) policy. The problem is that even the Prime Minister, Najib is not a son of the land. He is a descendent of an Indonesian tribe, as with most of the Malays in Malaysia.

And the irony is that the Malays are the majority and yet they needed help to compete with the minority. That’s not affirmative action. That’s racial discrimination bordering on apartheid.

And yet, the Singapore Malays are the ones being called second-class citizens.

Singapore Malays are doing good. In fact they are doing much better than the shameless self-entitled country bumpkins from across the causeway:


(Note: Malaysian Malay neo-Nazis. Do they know what Nazism stands for? That’s the problem of lack of education.)

The Singapore Malays are better educated with better paying jobs, they are better mannered, able to communicate fluently in English and are moderate in their outlook. And they can compete with the best.

And whatever they owned is due to their own hard work and not some handouts and freebies from the government.

The only thing that the Malaysian Malays are better in, is in entertainment. They have better singers and dancers and actors/actresses. The better to entertain the Singapore Malays.

Of course there are problems within the Malay community such as drug addiction and the high divorce rate. Even then the rate is much lower than their Malaysian cousins. And at least these problems are being openly acknowledged and tackled.

Perhaps it is this very success that is causing green-eyed monsters to appear to try to knock down the achievement of a group of people whom, by most standards, are destined to fail.

Alfian Sa’at, for example, having failed in life (being a sub-standard playwright is not a success by any means) and having failed to complete his medical studies, blames the Singapore government for not giving him the crutch to succeed. And he tries to drag the whole Malay community down with him by alleging that they are second-class citizens.

We cannot expect anything better from a drama queen.

And thus he romanticizes about what his life would have been had he been born in Malaysia.

Allow me to speculate.

He might complete his medical studies and be a doctor from one of the un-recognised Universities that is not even in the top 500 Universities of the world.

He couldn’t be a politician because he is gay.


He would not be able to produce any script in fluent English.

He might get all the crutches and grants and patronages and might live well on government assistance.

But he will remain an average Joe.

We should be proud of the Malays in Singapore. This is not about being condescending.

This is a sincere observation that despite the odds stacked against them, they have truly done well and have progressed along with the country.

And the best thing is that; they are proud to be called Singapore Malays.

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