WTF Of The Day! – The Clueless Hongkies


Spot the bitch….

By: Arthur Ah Ter Kia

So some monkeys Hongkies staged a protest in front of the Singapore consulate in Hong Kong to demand the release of Amos Yee.

Oh really? What a bunch of clueless mofos.

Amos Yee is detained in lieu of a case in which he insulted Christianity. And guess who were amongst the protesters? Students from Hong Kong Baptist University.

And Han Hui Hui of course but she’s a has-been hanging on the coat-tail of a 17 year old for fame and donation, so I am not going to waste my time on her except to ask her one question; Why didn’t she organise a protest in Singapore?

Because the Police told her not to. Oh such feisty warrior we have here….

Amos, although he wasn’t charged for this, also insulted our founding father, Lee Kuan Yew.

How would the Hongkies feel if we were to insult their founding father? Or their elder statesman?

Oh yes that’s right. They don’t have any!

After years of being fed opium by the British and now being subjugated by Beijing, they have never tasted freedom! Sad bunch of pricks, really.

Why don’t they organise a protest to free themselves? Well actually they did but threats of arrest and a slap or two caused them to stop. Wow! Such brave warriors we have there!

Or instead of Amos, why don’t they ask the Hong Kong government to release the 15 year old girl who was jailed for 9 years for a drug offence? They should know who I am talking about.

They didn’t because they were clueless.

Ok la. Singapore might not have freedom of expression blah blah blah but at least we have the freedom to elect our own representatives and Prime Minister!


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