Don’t Wear Undies! – Malaysian Cabinet To Members Of Public


Like this ha….?

In view of the recent spate of visitors being refused service at government agencies for wearing what has been termed as inappropriate attire, the Malaysian cabinet has instructed the government chief secretary to review the dress code of government agencies.

In recent weeks, reports of self-appointed fashion Police asking members of public to wear sarong, towels and other attire to cover up before being served have caused much consternation amongst the non-Muslim population.

The cabinet opined that the members of the public going to government agencies counters are unlikely to be scantily dressed.

But even if they wore shorts, short sleeves or skirts above the knees, they should be allowed to enter government agencies for general matters.

However, if they want to visit officers or have an appoinment, they will need to dress appropriately.

“The cabinet thinks that there should not be a dress code at counters of government agencies, unless the customers show up only in underwear. That would be too much, and will certainly will not be accepted.

“Malaysians like to dress casually – many like shorts, t-shirts or miniskirts. Let’s use common sense – please-lah, it shouldn’t be an issue.”

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