Roy Ngerng: I Am Sowwy

tweety bird


In court for the defamation suit brought against him by PM Lee, gay blogger Roy Ngerng, in presumably Tweety Bird’s voice said `sowwy’ to PM Lee for calling him a thief.

“I am sorry. I had no intent to defame you.”

“I’m so sincere, I’ve apologised to you so many times that I’ve lost count,” Mr Ngerng added, saying that he had sent his apologies about seven to eight times.

But PM Lee was having none of it.

“The apology was not sincere,” said Mr Lee. “The record contradicts that,” he added, citing recent blog posts by Mr Ngerng. PM Lee also said that Mr Ngerng did not have “wholehearted acceptance of judgement”, as the blogger had accepted the ruling, but insisted he did not intend to defame.

“All I wanted was one apology and a follow-through. You went on to do other things. Your conduct shows that you have no intention of closing the matter properly,” said PM Lee, who took the stand for about six hours for cross-examination by Mr Ngerng.

The blogger was unrepresented in court on Wednesday, having discharged his lawyer last week. When he questioned the Prime Minister on whether the facts cited in the offending blog post were true, Mr Lee answered: “The quotes are factual but the article on your blog is not.”

“We’re not here to play games. There’s no point going through it again other than to aggravate damages,” Mr Lee said when Mr Ngerng went through the blog post in question.

Meanwhile, PM Lee’s lawyers are asking for aggravated damages.

The case will continue today.

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