What About The Enablers? – Illegal Employment Syndicate Smashed


Reason for visiting? Wedding. *chopped 6 months.

In order for a syndicate to thrive, there must be one or more enablers; those people who know the intricacies and loopholes.

Sometimes those enablers are roguish enforcement officers.

Of course we are not saying that our enforcement officers are corrupted but it is good to just check to be sure.

In any case, we have already exposed how an Indian national could get a 6-months social visit pass on the pretext of attending a wedding.

Anyway, forty-one people have been arrested after the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) mounted an islandwide enforcement operation against a syndicate suspected to be involved in the illegal importation of labour.

The suspects, including the alleged mastermind and members of the syndicate, were apprehended on Wednesday and Thursday.

Investigations revealed that the syndicate would set up shell companies to bring in the foreign workers, MOM said, adding that the syndicate would collect large amounts of kickbacks from the workers.

Some of the workers paid large sums of money to be part of the scam in order to obtain a genuine work pass, it said. In turn, these workers would seek illegal employment.

So this is a case in point. How the hell could anyone operate a shell company for so long without the various agencies knowing about it?

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