WTF Of The Day! – Roy Ngerng’s Delicious Tears


By: Arthur Ah Ter Kia

Karma is a bitch!

I remember when I was a kid walking with my grandma to the market and said: “Wah! So fat!” to an auntie who was passing by.

My grandma gave me a tight slap and said, “You don’t anyhow say! Later you know!”

And now I know. I always end up with fat girlfriends.

Gay blogger Roy Ngerng apparently cried in court after being grilled by lawyer Davinder Singh. I think a lot of children would have cried too just by looking at Mr Singh’s moustache.


This is karma. You made the special needs children cry. And now it is your turn to cry.

Although, considering that Roy is a trained actor and has acted in one or two short films, his tears could be likened to that of a crocodile’s. But as it has now been proven that crocodiles can actually shed tears, I would forward the suggestion that his tears are that of a tapeworm. Tapeworms don’t have eyes and like Roy, they lived surrounded by shit.

Roy cried when he was describing his dire financial situation. Basically he was trying to convince the court that he was broke.

He is broke? Really?

He said he was broke but he paid $70,000 to lawyer M Ravi without trying to get a cheaper lawyer. By the way, M Ravi has stopped representing him.

He said he was broke but he was able to go on a tour to Europe for a month!

He said he was broke but he tried to engage a Queen’s Counsel.

Lastly he said he was broke but he didn’t even bother to find a job.

He has actually profiteered from this case. He has gotten more than $100,000 from crowd funding, a part of which he had used to support his jet-setting lifestyle.

And if he was shown any leniency by the Courts and made to pay just a token sum to PM Lee, in most probability he’d be able to get that amount through another crowd-funding with some spare for him to enjoy.

He accused PM Lee of being a thief. As a citizen of Singapore, I demand that PM Lee clear his name. Thankfully he did.

And now I say Roy Ngerng should not profiteer from his lies. He must be made to pay the more than $100,000 that he had amassed plus a few hundred thousands more.

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1 Response to WTF Of The Day! – Roy Ngerng’s Delicious Tears

  1. Francis says:

    He will be made to pay alot of damages to PM Lee, and PM Lee will most properly donate most to charities. Most that donate to him basically pay him for a spectacle which he is providing in a mundane Singapore. For a proper finish, he need to exhaust all his donation and declare bankrupt.

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