BOYCOTT! – Leisure Park Kallang Barred Uniformed Men From Entering Mall

Leisure Park Kallangnoentry

It’s already a ghost town anyway….

They were there to rehearse for the National Day Parade. Some of them are students. Some of them are National Servicemen. They were not paid to be there and yet out of pride and sense of duty, they were willing to perform, rain or shine.

And it did rain one day and they took shelter in the nearby Leisure Park Kallang Shopping Mall. The water dripping from their drenched uniforms wet the Mall’s floor.

Instead of offering these brave young men and women a cup of hot cocoa, the mall management took offense and decided to ban them from ever stepping into the Mall again.

So, since they are not allowed entry, in solidarity with them, we too will not patronise the Mall. Instead, if ever we need to shop in that area, we shall go to the nearby Kallang Wave.

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