Cornered Najib Bites Back As He Threatens To Sue Wall Street Journal And Blames The Jews


Will you still love him…..tooomorrrrooowwww?

Malaysian PM Najib who is caught in a financial scandal has now threatened to sue the Wall Street Journal for alleging that some US$700 million have been channelled to his private account.

But he will only do it after advice from his lawyers.

He has also blamed the allegations on former PM, Dr Mahathir whom he accused of being the mastermind and colluding with foreign interests to see him fall.

Meanwhile there is no more `I Love PM’ for the embattled Najib. His deputy, Muhyiddin Yassin has asked for an investigation into the allegation and so too do a few other UMNO leaders and the opposition.

The Opposition party will be tabling a motion of no confidence in parliament when it next sits.

In Najib’s facebook page, thousands of Malaysians have commented expressing their disgust at the Prime Minister with many asking him to resign and be charged in court. Expletives and vulgarities are aplenty which go to show that the Malaysians are losing patience with him.

Meanwhile, Najib and his supporters have begun to use the religious card. Some bloggers in his camp have started to insinuate that it is the work of the Zionists and the Jews, with Najib himself posting a speech that `they are trying to destroy Islam.’

We at TSB are running out of popcorn.

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