Creditors Got Screwed By The Dirty Greeks


Up yours…..!

The Greeks have again lived up to their reputation of doing it from behind when they gave the middle finger to all their creditors by voting `No’ to austerity measures.

More than 61 per cent of Greek voters on Sunday (Jul 5) rejected fresh austerity demands by the country’s EU-IMF creditors in a historic referendum.

The financial troubles started when the Greeks spent way beyond their means using borrowed money from taxpayers around the world via the IMF and mostly from Europe via the ECB. And when the money dried out, they borrowed some more and now they say `screw you, we ain’t gonna pay.’

Political analysts said that the ramification will be felt in the coming days especially in Greece where the joyous celebrations from the blinkered citizens will be short-lived.

The Greeks have burnt whatever bridges between them and the other European countries, with Malta, one of the poorest but whose citizens had contributed the most saying that it will protect the interest of the Maltese.

Soon reality will hit and will hit hard when the Greek government finds itself with no money to pay the public servants, and the Greek banks with no cash for the depositors.

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