Helper Helps Himself To Hapless Housewife


One word…..

He was a social worker with Ang Mo Kio Family Service Centre (FSC) and his primary job had been to assess families who had moved into Ang Mo Kio to see if they needed help

The victim, who is married with two children, was the beneficiary of a help scheme, and received food rations from the centre.

On Jan 5, Veerasamy marimuthu, 53 had gone to the victim’s house on the pretext of assisting her. Instead he molested her.

While sitting next to her on a sofa, he moved close to her and pulled her right hand and stroked her back multiple times. He asked why she did not allow him to kiss her and she indicated that she did not want to.

He then tried to kiss her and ended up kissing her on the right shoulder. Frightened, she moved away; however, he hugged her before he left the flat.

District Judge Salina Ishak agreed with Deputy Public Prosecutor Joshua Lim that there were several aggravating factors .

“The accused is a social worker who is supposed to provide aid to the victim, and not to inflict fear and harm. He abused his position of trust and committed the offence not once but twice,” she said.

Veerasamy was jailed for four months.

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