Oh Noes! The Brat Is Out!


I am back with an even bigger banana…..!

Amos Yee, the obsessive-compulsive internetor who revels in getting internet brownies because his parents did not smack love him enough, is out after being sentenced to four weeks’ jail, backdated to Jun 2.

If you do not know who Amos is, then you are either Freddie the frog who lives in a well in Whogivethefuck village in Whogivethefuckland or you are one of Amos’s supporters because they seriously do not know who Amos really is.

Yee was found guilty of two charges – one for making offensive or wounding remarks against Christianity and another for circulating obscene imagery.

Yee has been remanded at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) for the past two weeks to assess his suitability for a mandatory treatment order during which a doctor assessed that Yee has been “trapped in the Net” and is “unable to discern untruths in cyberspace”.

Just like his supporters.

The doctor’s report also said Yee admitted to his guilt and promised not to reoffend, as he realised his actions were against the law and could disrupt social harmony. The teen also admitted he had used his intelligence in the wrong ways.

Unlike his supporters who lack intelligence.

The good news is that with him released, the Free Amos movement is dead. All those down-and-out uncles with a lot of time to spare, and foreign University freshmen trying to get some street cred by protesting about something safe (ooo so edgy!) may have to find some other things to complain about. Try #freethedolphins.

The bad news is that Amos will be appealing against his sentence.

Oh Noes! Here we go again! Another round of passing-the-donation-hat routine and more hyped-up hyperbole.

We shall leave you with this song to comfort you.

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