Goh Meng Seng Says That You Are Mentally Retarded If You Don’t Support Amos Yee


By: B. Goode

The supreme leader of People’s Power Party (the late Cory Aquino is still waiting to have a word with him) is at it again.

This time, sensing an opportunity, he went to Hong Kong to talk smack about Singapore. Of course, under the guise of wanting to free Amos.

What a pity. Unable to get anyone to listen to him in Singapore, he had to go to Hong Kong to get an audience. It might well be that it was because it was very convenient for him. After all, he is a resident of Hong Kong.

I am not sure if he realises the stupidity of it all. He, a Singaporean, went all the way to Hong Kong to protest in front of the Singapore consulate when he could have just protested in front of say, the Parliament House right here in Singapore.

But that’s Goh Meng Seng for you.

If ever he gets elected into parliament, which I highly doubt, I wonder whose interests he will be representing. Of course, it is a hypothetical question because the only thing he will manage to do is to split the opposition votes and allow the PAP to win.

After getting much flak for his comical presence in Hong Kong, he decided to write an article in his blog trying to justify his lack of judgment. In it he basically accused everyone who didn’t support Amos Yee to be mentally retarded. Don’t believe me? Go and read it yourself.

And Goh Meng Seng will not be Goh Meng Seng if he doesn’t sit on his high horse with a tinfoil hat on his head. So in the same article, he blabbered something about conscience.

He wrote that his conscience caused him to do what he did in Hong Kong because his conscience would not allow him to see a child being tortured by the Singapore government.

First of all, Amos Yee is not a child. He is 17 years old. In some countries, he could be a father of 2 or even 3.

But most importantly, if being remanded is torture, then he should have protested for all the accused that are in remand right now. Why only limit to Amos Yee?

Because Amos Yee serves his purpose to get some political mileage.

Let’s dwell some more on Goh Meng Seng’s conscience.

Amos Yee was all in all remanded for fifty days. Partly because Amos didn’t have anyone to bail him out. If Goh Meng Seng was really overcame by his conscience, why didn’t he bail Amos out? Instead he allowed Amos to be `tortured’ in remand.

Again, because it served his purpose for Amos to be `tortured’ so that he could make the allegation that Amos was being `tortured’. There is a term for this sort of tactics. It’s called bullshit.

And in the same article, Goh Meng Seng admitted that Amos Yee might have mental illness, just as the Court suspected. So wasn’t it a correct decision for the Court to send Amos to the mental institution for him to be assessed and if it was true that Amos was mad, to be medicated?

That is the standard procedure not only in Singapore, but also in his favourite country the US and all other countries in the world. But because it was the Singapore court that decided, Goh Meng Seng went all the way to Hong Kong to cry foul.

Why? Because a mad Amos, rather than a sane Amos would serve Goh Meng Seng’s purpose. Because a mad Amos would continue to rant against the authorities and thus Goh Meng Seng would have a coat-tail to ride on.

Conscience or downright dirty?

You decide.

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