Election 2015 – Another General Enters The Fray


Election 2015 – Another General Enters The Fray

How many paper generals do you need to screw a lightbulb? Apparently, one more.

Chief of Defence Force Ng Chee Meng, 47 will retire from the Singapore Armed Forces and step down as Chief of Defence Force on Aug 18 prompting speculation that he might be running in the upcoming General Election (GE).

Asked about his immediate plans, LG Ng said: “While I do not rule out the option of returning to the Administrative Service or entering politics if the opportunity presents itself, my immediate focus is on handing over my duties to the incoming Chief of Defence Force.”

That’s army talk for:”Definitely! Where else could I go?”

If he did join politics and if elected, became an instant Minister he’d be the 6th Minister in a probable cabinet line-up. That is if Lui Tuck Yew is still around.

Secretary-General Chan was a Major-General and Chief of Army, while Minister for Social and Family Development was a Brigadier-General in the Army. Both left the SAF on Mar 25, 2011; Polling Day that year was May 7.

Before them, Minister for Transport Lui Tuck Yew was also a Rear-Admiral in the Navy and Chief of Navy from 1999 to 2003. He left to take up high-level positions as CEO of the Maritime and Port Authority and later the Housing and Development Board before he was elected to Parliament in 2006. In April this year, he took on a concurrent role as Second Minister for Defence.

Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean was a former Rear-Admiral in the Republic of Singapore Navy, and served as Chief of Navy before he quit to successfully contest in the 1992 by-election in Marine Parade.

Thirty-one years ago, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong was then the youngest Brigadier-General in the Army’s history before he left in 1984, when he was elected to Parliament at the age of 32.

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