Vote For Me! – Lui Tuck Yew Announced Transport Fare Reduction From December


Just like ordinary fever, elections fever can also do strange things to people. It might affect your short-term memory causing you to ditch your principles for the sake of votes.

The latest victim is Minister without constituency who is also the transport Minister, Lui Tuck Yew. He has just unilaterally decided to reduce transport fares by 1.9% at the end of the year by-passing the rubber-stamping Public Transport Council (PTC).

When the transport fare was increased in April this year despite falling fuel prices, Minister Lui justified the increase by saying that the transport companies must remained sustainable.

Now that elections are around the corner and with his spopularity down the pits, he has decided to ditch his `sustainable’ policy for the sake of getting votes.

Some things never change.

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