Singapore Horror Story – What If The Opposition Win The Election?


By: B. Goode

Singapore’s political landscape is unique in that it is perhaps the only democratic country in the world where the opposition political parties are very shy in forming the government.

For the smaller parties, admittedly getting the numbers would have been difficult. But the same could not be said for arguably the biggest opposition party, the Workers’ Party (WP). In fact, the WP have made it clear that they are not interested in forming the government, happy to just be a co-driver with a PAP government, whatever that means.

It is therefore ironic that the WP is involved in horse-trading with the other opposition parties to ensure that there will be no 3-cornered fights and that all the constituencies will be contested. Because this then raised the possibility that should the PAP lose the majority, none of the opposition parties could form a government on it’s own. They would have to form a coalition.

The problem with this coalition is that, the only thing they shared is their abhorrence of the PAP. They don’t share any political philosophy.

So imagine them collectively winning the elections but individually unable to form the government. They then would have to decide who to be the PM and who to fill the various Ministerial posts. This is even before deciding on the various policies.

We could only imagine the government being paralysed by in-fighting, manouvering and horse-trading to the detriment of the day-to-day running of the country.

In fact, we do not have to imagine far. They could not even agree on who to contest Marine Parade GRC.

So the nightmare, should the opposition win the elctions is not only for Singapore, but most importantly for the opposition parties themselves.

They are simply not prepared.

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