Lui Tuck Yew – Bad Transport Service Is Because Singaporeans Are Cheapskates


And this is why he is the most hated Minister right now, at least until he relinquishes his post after the GE because he has quit politics.

The outgoing Transport Minister has a parting shot for Singaporeans. He claimed that the transport operators’ bad service was due to Singaporeans unwillingness to pay more.

Obviously he doesn’t know Singaporeans who are willing to fork out a fortune for food as long as they are good. In short, Singaporeans know the value of their money.

There may have been suggestions that public transport fare increases may be more palatable if service levels are increased, but outgoing Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew does not think that commuters here are willing to pay more for better service.

What he was implying was that, he agreed that the service was bad but it was not because of the awesome (not!) job by the transport operators but because the commuters were not willing to pay for it.

Or was it because what the commuters’ paid mostly went to the shareholders and office holders?


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